Building your portfolio with dumb luck

Most of our commercial shoots require meticulous planning and prep work beforehand. Sometimes we even spend two to three months scouting, casting, arranging, permitting, etc. so that we can achieve that perfect shot for our clients. Those images go on to serve our clients but also get put into the portfolio to be shown off. Once in a while I get a portfolio piece just by dumb luck. Continue reading Building your portfolio with dumb luck

Fallen Warrior Procession

By California standards, I live in a very small town. A big part of our community is the United States Navy as they have a base here with everything from nuclear carriers to F-22s to SEALs to trained dolphins. Along with the Navy, you can also find members of the Air Force, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, Border Patrol and Secret Service. Pretty much everyone here has family or friends that are serving our country. Continue reading Fallen Warrior Procession