CB Richard Ellis

A couple months ago we shot some images for Grey New York for their client CB Richard Ellis. I’ve actually seen these ads in just about every airport I’ve been in in the last month which leads me to believe they must be targeting business travelers (or commercial photographers). Despite getting up at 4AM every day so I could catch the right light for each location shot, we actually had a lot of fun on this shoot. There was no talent, hair and make up, wardrobe, car prep, traffic control and all that other craziness that usually makes a shoot day go by so fast that 10 hours feels like it was compressed into about 8.3 seconds. Instead, while waiting for the light to move around each shot (except the door knob and keypad which we shot in studio), we had fairly mellow shoot days which gave us time to eat like humans, catch up on each others latest adventures and of course check/update our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Also, we unanimously agreed that we probably made the most expensive image of a door knob ever.