Super Dog

We’ve been cooped up in the house most of the week because of the rain. But it finally subsided yesterday so we took the dogs to their favorite spot—the beach. Being half whippet, saying that Maya can “book it” it is an understatement. People come from miles around to watch Maya run. Her strides are long and when she gets moving she can leap about 10 feet in a single bound. Especially when she hasn’t been out all week:


I guess that would be an understatement if you were in California this week. Most of the state was hit pretty hard. As always, we need the rain, especially in California, but it would probably be better received if we didn’t get it all at once. Here’s the last of the rain from yesterday:

Global warming?

While I do believe that global warming is happening, lately it’s been hard to. I live on a small island just outside of San Diego where most of the year we wear flip flops and shorts. Not this year. We just had one of our coldest summers ever. Followed by one of our coldest Novembers ever. December is slightly warmer than November but we’ve had this epic fog every morning for the past few days. Today I took the dog down to the harbor to take a few pictures so when global warming kicks in here in Coronado I’ll be able to look back at these pictures and say, “Remember way back in ’10 when it was really cold?”

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Being in the right place at the right time

A while back on the way to a shoot, I noticed the sun coming up and I also noticed that about every 20 seconds I was passing (and missing) one epic scene after another. When I saw this scene, I had to pull over, back up 500 feet, get out of the car, put on a jacket, rearrange several camera cases in the trunk, build a camera and then finally shoot. I figure if I’m lucky enough to stumble across a great scene like this, I might as well take the three minutes to shoot it. So many times I’ve just blown it off and then later regretted it.