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Pricing and FAQ

How are images priced?
Image pricing is based on usage which includes duration, media type, the size of the image, etc. All images are Rights Managed. When you are ready to license an image, please contact us so we can have a discussion regarding usage.

How are licensed images delivered?
For US licenses, once a purchase order has been signed and delivered to our studio, you will be provided a link for immediate download. For non-US licenses, a wire transfer of all funds is required before any images will be released.

Can images be retouched?
Yes, images may be retouched by your retouchers or us. Any retouching performed by us will be billed at the studio retouching rate.

Do you offer unlimited use and exclusivity?
Yes, as part of our usage discussion with you, we can discuss unlimited use, industry and blanket exclusivity.

When does the usage license begin?
If the usage term is not specified on the purchase order, then it will begin on the date we release the image for download.

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