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A few weeks ago we actually had some rain and storm like weather here in California. I’m a sucker for landscapes and clouds so shooting a storm as it comes onshore is a no brainer for me. As soon as I released the shutter on this shot, the rain came down in buckets.

New York City in 19 hours

On Friday I went to the Big Apple for a pre-prepro meeting for a huge job we’re about to shoot that will take us nearly three months to produce. We won’t actually shoot the job until next year but we felt a pre-prepro meeting with the agency was a good idea since we have 142 shots, nearly enough talent to fill an NBA sports arena and some pretty cool locations around the globe.

I flew into JFK Thursday evening around 9PM and took the E train into Manhattan. I love the NY subway system as it seems to be lit perfectly and full of “scenes” to shoot. All you need to do is show up with a camera. By the time I checked into my hotel and hit the sack it was 2AM. I set my alarm for 6AM so I could shoot more before my meeting because I knew after my meeting I would have to high tail it back to JFK so I could catch my flight home.

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Dog in Window

Just about every morning when I walk my dog, we see this dog. If we go by before 7AM, his shades are drawn. The face over the back of the couch is pretty much his standard position. Sometimes he will turn his head and look out the adjacent window to the left as we walk by. He reminds me of the Little Rascals dog, Pete.

Dog in Window